Sho Nakatani

Sho Nakatani

  • Databases
    Distributed Computing
    Edge Computing
    Data Analitics Platforms

I like to research and implement areas around RDBMS, distributed processing, and data platforms.
Some cars in the current world are, and many cars in the future will be "connected cars", which generate various data such as sensor data and images, and send them to servers (cloud and on-premise) via the Internet. It is our job to make the use of this data more convenient and secure, and to devise ways to prevent the in-car devices from sending too much extra data.
I hope to use the power of software to create better cars for our customers and society.


  • Department

    • InfoTech AS,
      Social System PF Development Div.
  • Biography

    • 2021-

      Toyota Motor Corporation
      R&D on sensor data, data analitics, and data flow management systems from edge (connected cards) to cloud.

    • 2020-

      Idein Inc.
      R&D on OTA app installation for IoT devices.

    • 2016-

      FOLIO Co., Ltd.
      Backend system development for BtoC Finacial services, Project management, Engineering Management. Head of Financial Technology Div. & Board member.

    • 2014-

      DeNA Co., Ltd.
      Joined as Engineer Specialist; mainly developed BaaS for mobile social games.

    • 2012-

      Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo (Master's Degree)

  • Publication List/Conference presentation


    • Design of End-to-End Confidential Stream Processing, The Database Society of Japan, Forum on Data Engineering and Information Management (DEIM2023)

    • Memory Efficient Stream Processing for IoT Devices, IEEE, 2022 International Conference on Algorithms, Data Mining, and Information Technology (ADMIT 2022)

    • "A Low-latency Continuous Workflow Execution Method Focusing on External Module’s Running Cost", SWoPP2013

    • "Evaluation of Parallel DB as Workow Applications Framework", SWoPP2012

    • "Implementation and Evaluation of a Locality-Aware Scheduler for Recursively Spawned Tasks", The74th National Convention of IPSJ (Student Encouragement Award, Certified as a Recommended Graduation Thesis)


    • Developing (experimental) Rust SDKs and a Beam engine for IoT devices, Apache Beam Community, Beam Summit 2023

    • SpringQL: A Stream Processor Working in In-Vehicle Computers and IoT devices, Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association, ET & IoT WEST 2022

  • Commendation/Memberships


    • IPA MITOU Project (2012).
      “High Performance SQLite”: Introduced adaptive preallocation and hash-based GROUP-BY and achieved 2.8x speed-up. Developed it for distributed database system researched in our lab.

    • DeNA Award in ICT Programming Contest (2012).
      Developed distributed file system called “DDDFS (Dynamically-Duplicate Distributed File System)”.