Lei Zhong

Lei Zhong

  • Wireless communication networks

  • Department

    • InfoTech IS,
      Information and Communication Planning Div.
  • Biography

    • 2018-

      Toyota Motor Corporation
      Engaged in research, development and standardization of multi-tier distributed communication technologies for collecting and disseminating large-scale automoitive data

    • 2015-

      National Institute of Informatics and The University of Tokyo
      Conducted research on a disaster-resilient wireless communication network based on Big-data analytics

    • 2012-

      National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
      Engaged in research and development on wireless communication network virtualization and Internet-of-Things in next-generation networks

    • 2011-

      Research Organization of Information and Systems
      Conducted research on privacy-preserving technologies for personal data publishing

    • 2011

      Doctorate Degree (Informatics), The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan

  • Publication List/Conference presentation

    Main Technical Publications

    • Dynamic Network Slice Switching for Enhancing Edge and Cloud Infrastructures, IEICE, IEICE Technical Committee on Network Systems

    • Blockchain-based Edge-assisted Knowledge Base Management for Semantic Communication in Remote Driving, IEEE, IEEE ICNP workshop

    • Low-Latency Perception Sharing Services for Connected Autonomous Vehicles, IEEE, IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference

    • Semantic Communication for Efficient Image Transmission Tasks based on Masked Autoencoders, IEEE, IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference

    • DRL-assisted Network Selection for Federated IoV, IEEE, IEEE Internet of Things Magazine

    • Meta-Networking: Beyond the Shannon Limit with Multi-faceted Information, IEEE, IEEE Network

    • Semantic Segmentation-based Semantic Communication System for Image Transmission, Elsevier, Digital Communications and Networks

    • LEO Satellite Simulator for Connected Vehicle Scenarios, The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), Technical Committee on Satellite Communications (2023 March)

    • On-device Federated Learning with Fuzzy Logic based Client Selection, ACM, ACM RACS 2022

    • An Communication-Efficient Distributed Machine Learning Scheme in Vehicular Network, ACM, ACM RACS 2022

    • Toward Efficient Blockchain for the Internet of Vehicles with Hierarchical Blockchain Resource Scheduling, MDPI, MDPI Electronics, 2022

    • Fuzzy Logic based Client Selection for Federated Learning in Vehicular Networks, IEEE, IEEE Open Journal of the Computer Society, 2022

    • Communication Resources Management based on Spectrum Sensing for Vehicle Platooning, IEEE, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2022

    • Intelligent Network Slicing with Edge Computing for Internet of Vehicles, IEEE Access journal

    • "Driving Data to the Edge: The Challenge of Traffic Distribution", Techinical Report, Automotive Edge Computing Consortium, 2019.

    • "Building Dynamic Mapping with CUPS for Next Generation Automotive Edge Computing", IEEE CloudNet 2019.

    • “Mission Planning for UAV-based Opportunistic Disaster Recovery Networks”, IEEE CCNC, Jan. 2018.

    • “Population-aware relay placement for wireless multi-hop based network disaster recovery”, IEEE GLOBECOM , Dec. 2017.

    • “Spatio-temporal data-driven analysis of mobile network availability during natural disasters”, IEEE ICT-DM, Dec. 2016. (Best Paper Award)


    • Plenary Session: Wi-Fi driving innovation in the automotive market, Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance member meeting

    • AECC Panel Discussion: Edge Computing in the Automotive Industry, Informa, 5G World Summit

    • A Scalable Blockchain-based High-Definition Map Update Management System, IEEE International Smart Cities Conference 2021

    • Service-aware 5G/B5G Cellular Networks for Future Connected Vehicles, IEEE International Smart Cities Conference 2021

    • ""Driving Data to the Edge - Challenges and Solutions in Automotive Edge Computing"", Industry Panel, IEEE Global Communications Conference, 2019.

    • "Automotive Edge Computing for Connected Vehicles", invited talk, the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) Society Conference 2019.

    • ""Insights from the applied edge"", Industry Panel, ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing, 2018.

    • Future Vehicles Summit, Industry Panel, Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018."


    • Tackling against the era of data localizations: Federated Learning Taskforce approaches, Woven by Toyota. Toyota Global Summit 2023