Akira Yoshioka

Akira Yoshioka

  • Next-generation big-data analysis platforms

I believe that the most valuable skill of a researcher lies in making the most of fortunate coincidences, and I usually take on whatever themes come my way (if there are too many, I take on the newest). As a result, I have been engaged in a wide variety of research, and I am glad to have done so, because research and development on next-generation big-data analysis platforms has connections to many areas from my past experience.
Recently, I am mostly serving management duties, but in order to keep my memory strong on how I felt during my time as a researcher, and with dreams of returning to the field as a researcher again, I make an effort to take part in on-premise meetings as much as I can, in order to keep my skills up to par (at least, I hope so).

  • Department

    • Connected Company
      Connected Advanced Development Div.
  • Biography

    • 2019-

      at Toyota Motor Corpotation
      engaed in research and research management in

      • promoting the utilize of large-scale vehicle data

      • operations research with the data got from 'Connected' system

    • 2001-

      at Toyota InfoTechnoogy Centre
      engaged in

      • R&D on Vehicle to Vehicle Communication such as

        • ad-hoc communication

        • integrated simulation with traffic flow / wireless propagation / Internet Protocol communication

      • Research about ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) such as

        • Reduction of CO2 by improving traffic flow

        • Operation simmulation / Demand estimation for one-way short-distance rental system with ultra-compact EV: Ha:mo RIDE

      • Corporate Internal Information Systems

    • 1991-

      at The University of Tokyo
      engaged in the planning, specification, and operation of massively parallel supercomputers and large-scale on-campus educational computer systems.

  • Publication List/Conference presentation


    • Practical Evaluating method of One-Way Carsharing Considering Profits and Accessibility, Journal of TrafficEngineering, 2021

    • A Design and Implementation of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks for Internet Connectivity, IPSJ Journal, Vol.48, No.7, 2007

    • A Huge Campuswide Computing System with 1,600 Thin Clients, IPSJ Magazine, Vol.41, No.10, 2000


    • Computational Mechanics, Kodansha Scientific, ISBN: 978-4-06-153811-5

    Conference presentation

    • Development of a Simulator for One-way EV Sharing Service, 20th ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013

  • Commendation/Memberships

    • Noguchi Prize, IPSJ Dicomo2007 Symposium

    • 1990 Gigaflop Performance Award, Cray Research