Kentaro Ebisawa

Kentaro Ebisawa

  • Networks

Since the early Internet age in 1998, I have been engaged in the verification of ADSL/FTTH/VPN and other newly arriving technologies and products, and in helping companies adopt these services. Through this experience, I deepened my understanding about the motivations and mechanism as to how new protocols and implementations emerge. Subsequently, I became responsible for network-related product design and development management at several foreign-owned startups, and using ASICs and FPGAs, developed IPv4/v6 translation devices as well as OpenFlow switches and Network OSes. At present, I conduct research and development on new protocols and implementation of mobile communication infrastructures and data analysis systems for connected cars, utilizing data plane programmability and in-network computing technologies.

  • Department

    • Connected Company
      Connected Advanced Development Div.
  • Biography

    • 2016-

      Engaged in research on network technologies to support connected cars.

    • 1997

      Graduated from the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, School of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Publication List/Conference presentation


    • Extending ECMP toward A Practical Hardware Load Balancer, Information Processing Society of Japan, IOTS2022


    • "Guide to Build ASP&SaaS" Published by ASPIC Japan (Japanese: 「ASP・SaaS構築ガイド」)

    • "Software-Defined Networks: A Systems Approach (Japanese Edition)" Published by SHOEISHA (Translation and Original Contents for Japanese Edition)

    Conference presentation

    • P4 Update 2022, P4 Users Japan, P4 Users Japan 2022

    • Japan P4 Community Update and Use Cases, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU, Taiwan), 2022 P4 Workshop in Taiwan

    • SDN Experience from the Asia-Pacific Region, The Networking Channel, Panel Discussion

    • P4 Users Community Update, Japan, NTCU, Taiwan P4 workshop

    • 21th Oct, 2021: P4 Updates, P4 Users Japan, P4 Users Japan 2021

    • 20th Apr, 2018: ONOS/CORD meetup in Tokyo
      “Proto-typing new protocol using P4, SRv6 for Mobile User Plane”

    • 20th Oct, 2017: ONIC Open Networking Conference Japan 2017
      “Network Operation Stack towards Era of Programmable Dataplane"

    • 14th Apr, 2017: Infrastructure Guys Night ~ Return ~
      “You Network OS Guys!!”

  • Commendation/Memberships

    • Japan Vyatta Users Group Committee, 2010 ~ 2015